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First Class Automotives
(08) 9361 0051

In 1994 Nigel Oborne and Peter Brooks established First Class Automotives, specialising in the service and repair of European vehicles. We leased a small workshop in Goodwood Parade Burswood that had one old hoist and a handful of tools, the floor would become totally flooded on the sight of rain and was as hot as hell in summer, but with a pile of ambition and a stack of commitment we built our business to a size that outgrew that little old workshop.

In 1998 we moved to a bigger more modern workshop in Claude Street Burswood (where we are today). We installed 4 hoists and fully stocked a parts room and also extended our range of specialty tools and equipment.  Over the years since we have continued to grow as a business in our expertise, experience plant and equipment.

In early 2014 we acquired the other half of our strata building and immediately installed 3 more hoists, tyre-fitting equipment and wheel aligning the equipment.  The addition has doubled our floor space and allowed us to be more flexible with our clients’ vehicle maintenance needs. We have grown to be one of the most advanced and experienced independent repairers in WA  with a professional staff we channel our expertise on the specific brands of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi.  With advanced diagnostic equipment tools and software available to us we pride ourselves on providing the very best client service and focus on vehicle safety and reliability whilst maintaining competitiveness within the industry to provide our customers with an all-round level of service second to none.

We have become a trusted name amongst both our trade peers and our retail clients due to our integrity and diligence and willingness to explain and create solutions for our customers and their vehicles.  We are constantly being approached by companies and organisations who want us to promote and endorse their brands.  We take this as a complement to our success and good standing within the industry, however, we will only endorse companies who can offer the same level of quality and standards that our company has become known for.

One such company is Bosch.  We have aligned our business with the Bosch Car Service Network because BCS is an international organisation which operates to ensure very high standards in all areas of business which means our clients can always expect professional first-class service.  With Bosch, we have access to state of the art diagnostic equipment and training to meet the needs of current vehicle technology.